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The video below (13 min) is a walk-through that goes from the home screen to the export options, as well as all the features available in AppCooker. Detailed key tutorials are available afterwards in this page.

Mockup, wireframe and prototype with AppCooker

01 – Understanding the workspace

02 – Draw with the bitmap tool

03 – Customize vector shapes

04 – Working with text

05 – Working with images

06 – Working with table views

07 – Use tab bars, tool bars and navigation bars

08 – The map view, picker view and other UI elements

Add interactivity to your mockups and preview them

09 – Link screens together with simple links and smart backs

10 – Create a Facebook-like side menu with swiping link

11 – Create an intro with the timer link

The idea, info, pricing and app icon

12 – Define your App idea

13 – Write your store info

14 – Find your pricing strategy

15 – Iterate your app icon

Export and share your work

16 – The AppCooker file format

17 – Setup AppTaster files with coworkers

18 – Export project as a PDF

19 – Export a PDF Map of your app