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Define your App ideas in one place, add notes and prepare the release.

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Defining your App Idea

The Perfect Notebook for iPhone & iPad App Ideas

Stay focused and organised

The Idea is the very essence of any application. It requires considerable thought and attention until it is refined. AppCooker provides a dedicated place for this, providing key advice collected from Apple and other influential industry professionals to help you achieve this central task. It also gives you a place to start your App Store communication and a very simple notepad to keep track of your ideas and thoughts.

App Idea

This is how every App should start. Type what your App does in ONE sentence. It will be displayed on the App Board so that every time you open your project, you’re reminded of what your goal really is. AppCooker provides advice about which interface to use depending on the kind of application you’re making. It’s a small widget, but try it and you’ll understand just how valuable it can be, saving you and your clients some precious time. Don’t underestimate it! That’s how the biggest players start.
App Idea
Store Info General

Basic Information

The information on your iTunes product page is decisive for potential buyers. Taking the time to define what your App will and won’t do may be a critical. AppCooker gives you the advice you need here.

Localised information

Defining the name from day one is a critical task because it influences the design of your App. Setting relevant keywords as time goes by will save you lots of headaches when you submit your final version to iTunes Connect. With AppCooker, writing down all of this info becomes simple, with dedicated spaces for each of the App Store’s languages.
Store Info Localised
Simple Notepad

Simple Notepad

AppCooker ships with a simple notepad so you can keep track of your ideas, thoughts and previsions around your idea. We encourage you to use it to define personas, scenarios that will help you to mockup your App.

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