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Wireframe, Mockup or Prototype iPad + iPhone Apps. Add links, gestures and transitions

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Design iPhone and ipad prototypes with AppCooker the iOS mockup tool

The most advanced Mockup editor

On a mobile device

AppCooker allows you to create stunning Mockups and Prototypes that look and feel real in the palm of your hand. This will blow your clients away. Meet the most powerful Mockup editor on the market, which supports live orientation and advanced linking. You will find gathered the real Apple UI Widgets, a wireframing kit, bitmap drawings, vector shapes, text and images.Your App Ideas come to life at your fingertips without a single line of code.

Go with the flow.

Managing the screens of your Mockup is the key to being efficient. This is the interface where you land when entering the Mockup part of the App Board. By providing a limitless workspace where you can easily move your screens around to structure your thoughts as you go, AppCooker gives you an impressive level of freedom. If one screen is linked to another, the connection appears as a little white arrow. This is very useful when connecting the screens together so you can make sure that everyone is on board. You can create up to 200 screens and start playing from any one of them!
Manage and create screens in AppCooker
Portrait Workspace and Canvas

Freedom of Orientation

Because “There’s no right or wrong way of holding it”, AppCooker allows you to design both orientations of a screen at the same time. If both canvas are activated, AppCooker and AppTaster will display the correspondant screen during preview, regarding the orientation of the device. It works like magik.

Genuine iOS UI widgets

AppCooker gives you native control over the same iOS UI Widgets developers use, without a single line of code. Enjoy the freedom to customize each widget the way you want it and design any interface you can imagine. Many items such as the Table View, Picker, Switch and Slider can be edited with a simple double tap, it’s truly magic. Use the only real iOS Wireframing kit available on the market to stay focused on the content. Get the color out of the way to encourage feedback about the core functions of your App. An elegant must-have to design clean layouts.
Mockup Editor iOS7 UI Elements
Below is the list of all UI elements you can play with in AppCooker. If you think one is missing, let us know on our contact page, we will make it if many of you are asking for it.
  1. Status Bar
  2. Navigation Bar
  3. Search Bar
  4. Tool Bar
  5. Tab Bar
  6. Table View
  7. Grouped T. View
  8. Web View
  9. Map View
  10. Progress View
  11. Activity Indicator
  12. Magnifying Glass
  13. Play Button
  1. Keyboards
  2. Popover
  3. Menu Popover
  4. Modal View
  5. Split View
  6. Button
  7. Text Field
  8. Label
  9. Switch
  10. Slider
  11. Photo Button
  12. Radio Button
  13. Download Button
  1. Segmented
  2. Stepper
  3. Page Control
  4. Action Sheet
  5. Alert View
  6. Ad Banner
  7. Date Picker
  8. Picker
  9. Image Placeholder
  10. Video Placeholder
  11. Page Up
  12. Check Box
  13. Sight Icon
  1. Sound Placeholder
  2. Bookmark
  3. Disclosure
  4. Notification
  5. Record
  6. Close
  7. Grabber
  8. Check
  9. Information
  10. Pin Location
  11. Location
  12. Social Logos
  13. Numeric Keypad
Wireframe iPhone and iPad Apps

iPhone and iPad Wireframes

As mentioned earlier, AppCooker ships with the most polished wireframe pack you can find on the market. It’s composed of the same UI elements you can find in AppCooker, but they have been fined tuned in shades of gray. This gives to the wireframes in AppCooker an astonishing level of realism and abstraction at the same time.

Preview on device

Whether you create an iPhone or iPad App, AppCooker let’s you preview it on device. With AppTaster, you can even test an iPhone App on an iPhone or an iPod Touch. You can also try the iPad Mini Size when previewing on an iPad, simply touch the iPad Mini button. Finally, you can also show/hide the links to make user testing more real.
Mockup Player
Mockup Editor Add Note

Add and share Notes

You can add a note to each screen you design. Very handy when you want to add context to your mockup or to explain a behaviour to a developer or shareholder. The note can be shared with your friend or co-workers in the AppTaster file. It will appear as a movable button during preview and they will be able to react to it through a simple email.

The Creative Toolbox You’ve Been Waiting For.

Good work comes from good tools.

AppCooker ships with the main and most common graphic tools to get you productive instantly. Using them is straightforward and pleasant for anyone with a little experience in creative applications on the iPad. Free your mind, make yourself comfortable in your couch and start creating the next big success of the App Store with the tip of your fingers. Anyone can achieve great results in minutes.

Import images

Import images from your photo library or from Box or Dropbox. AppCooker let’s you crop any image, add corner radius and optimize file size if you it multiple times. One of the simplest solution to create great mockup from your favorite design App. Adjust, crop, give corner radius and change alpha to create great looking mockups.
Feature Image
Feature Vector Shapes

Use vector shapes

All of them, except the line and text, have a corner radius you can set precisely. You can choose a plain color or create gradients that fit your needs. Because they are vectors, the result will always be pixel perfect, whatever the size. Shapes can also have different stroke aspects and width to create almost anything you want.

Different inputs

With AppCooker you can choose which input to use to trigger an action. One tap with one finger or holding on to a link, AppCooker offers seven different types of inputs. Very handy to simulate the behavior of a real App, and really easy to use.
Links Inputs
Links Transitions

Various transitions

When adding a Simple Link, a Timer Tag or a Swiping Area, set the transition you want. Fade, Curl, Push, Cover, Reveal, Flip: you get everything you need to give that extra touch to your Mockup. Change the duration of the transition and its orientation to get as close as possible to the real App.

Use Typefaces

Use the 200+ available typeface to refine the experience of your next App. All those fonts are available in the system, it means that if you use it in AppCooker, the developer will have access to it for free.
Feature Font
Feature Bitmap Drawing

Quickly sketch

The hand drawing tool brings the Mockup editor to the next level. Create a box, double tap on it and draw inside. The drawing is transformed as an object you can move and duplicate. Unleash your creativity.

Customise Colours

AppCooker gives you access to a full featured colour editor to change and set precisely the colours of UI Elements, vector shapes, texts, bitmap drawing and shadows. It will come very handy at some point.
Feature Color Editor
Feature Icon Pack

200+ Icon Pack

A wide set of pixel perfect icons is waiting for you inside AppCooker to help you customize many different interfaces. These icons are optimized for Navigation bars, Tool bars and Tab bars.

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