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AppCooker Cloud

Design iPhone and ipad prototypes with AppCooker the iOS mockup tool

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Get feedback

AppCooker Cloud revolutionizes the way you get feedback on your App projects. Any project you create in AppCooker 2.0 can be uploaded into your free AppCooker Cloud account for sharing and feedback. The first project is free, and there’s an affordable all-in plan if you need more. It’s available via in-app purchase. AppCooker Cloud lets you share links to your projects via email and allows reviewers to post feedback and discuss questions via the community mechanism. Standing on the power of AppCooker, your projects come to life in the hands of your clients, colleagues and friends, as though they were using a genuine app. By getting close to reality, the AppCooker Cloud preview helps you to improve and refine your app project before the production starts. Save time, save money, get feedback.

Feels real

AppCooker projects are displayed as if they were a real App in the App Store. It gives a unique context to the testers, they will experience your App idea with more insight and will be able to give you more feedback. In fact, any aspect can be commented by the tester through a simple post. You can manage and respond to feedback via your AppCooker Cloud account. There is also an RSS feed you can subscribe to to be notified of new feedback.
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Map View

Map view

AppCooker Cloud ships with the screen map. Testers will be able to zoom in and out and start playing the mockup from any screen. Note that for smart back, users must start from the first screen.

Preview aywhere

AppCooker Cloud is a universal solution so it is working on any device with a modern web browser, including iOS devices.

Preview anywhwere
Import Projects

Import projects

You can open a project right from an email if you received it inside an email. For very big projects (200 screens) we recommend to use iTunes.
Feedback by email

Send feedback

It’s super simple to give feedback with AppCooker Cloud, just drag the comment marker onto a screen and a new thread be created. You can then write your comment and post it. The feedback can be managed in your AppCooker Cloud account, where you can easily respond to any post. All threads have a status to help you keep track of feedback and stay organized.

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