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Design iPhone & iPad Apps.
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Welcome to AppCooker

The #1 Prototyping App on iPad

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AppCooker streamlines App creation workflow to get ready for production in no time. It’s an advanced mockup & prototyping tool on iPad. Create, play and share high fidelity mockups using native iOS widgets: it’s the ultimate toolbox for anyone who wants to start creating “an App for that”. From idea to mockup and beyond, it’s easy for anyone to achieve professional results.

Build & Share Beautiful iOS Apps Prototypes.

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They use AppCooker to mockup Apps

Companies Companies using AppCooker to Mockup iPhone and iPad Apps AppCooker Overview

They rated AppCooker on the AppStore

Since 2011, AppCooker has gain the trust of hundreds of thousands of users who gave an average 4.5 stars.
Below are some user quotes we picked up, there are hundreds more.
The interface to DropBox makes moving designs from desktop to AppCooker very easy – an important feature if you’re accustomed to storyboarding with pro design software

USA – ★★★★★

AppCooker offers a truly enjoyable experience. For the purpose of my wireframe there wasn’t a single function missing.

Germany – ★★★★★

After just a couple of days my design is basically done and the app I dreamed of is already in my hands as a playable prototype type thing!

Australia – ★★★★★

Makes creating a clickable mockup fast and easy. Helps you think about more than just the mockup, price, expenses, icons etc… Easy to learn. I was up and running in just a few taps.

USA – ★★★★★

Excelente aplicación para diseñar bocetos, no hace falta muchos conocimientos de diseño. Muy apropiada para desarrolladores independientes.

Mexico – ★★★★★

If you design app or are thinking of designing an app AppCooker is a must have and well worth the price! Very compete and really helps you to see your app work before you start the hard work of design. Highly recommended!

Canada – ★★★★★

They talk about AppCooker

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AppCooker mockup editor in the press AppCooker Overview

Save time & money by sharing great apps prototypes first!

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Advanced prototyping tool on the iPad

Mockup wireframe or prototype iPhone and iPad Apps AppCooker Overview

Mockup and Wireframe iPhone + iPad Apps

From start to finish, see the incredible amount of features AppCooker has to offer, to create stunning interactive mockups in a slick interface.

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All iOS UI Elements

With AppCooker you can use and customize all the iOS UI Elements and use an exclusive wireframe mode.

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All iOS UI Elements1 AppCooker Overview

Add Links Customise Transitions AppCooker Overview

Add Links & Transitions

Simply add a link area on your mockup, customise its transition and see your App come to life in your hands.

How to link screens ❯︎

AppCooker makes apps prototyping smooth and easy.

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A unique project-oriented mockup tool

with desktop-class features

Designed for collaboration, AppCooker lets you share editable projects with coworkers or clickable mockups with AppTaster file with clients and friends. You can also generate printable PDFs, JPGs and PNGs for those who don’t have access to an iPad or iPhone. No code is involved in AppCooker, once your screens are designed and connected with clickable hotspots, the transitions will make your mockup look like a real application, without a single line of code. AppCooker is a true achievement for UI & UX as it aims to stand as one of the key softwares in the User Interface and User Experience Design. By gathering all the requirements, AppCooker helps you prepare bids and proposals in a fun and intuitive way. You don’t need anything else to hook up interest and get your clients involved.

App Icon Factory

Your App’s Icon is your primary asset. This is what makes an Application shine on the App Store among all others.

How to improve ❯︎

Draft sketch and compare iOS App icons AppCooker Overview

Note your iPhone and iPad App ideas AppCooker Overview

Define your Ideas clearly

This is how any mobile application should start. Follow the Human Interface Guidelines it will drive your design and you won’t be disappointed when submitting to the App Store.

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iOS Pricing Tool

Free, charged or freemium? A simple tool to get an idea of your App’s cost-effectivenessin minutes.

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Estimate the cost effectiveness of iPhone and iPad Apps AppCooker Overview

Share clickable mockups Pngs Jpegs and PDFs AppCooker Overview

Exporting & Sharing

Whatever you’re doing on AppCooker you can share stand alone screens, playable mockups, or even your whole project.

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Cloud services supported

Import, export, backup Use the images edited in your favorite design softwares and link them to add interactivity. It’s faster than ever to share your mockups and working prototypes.

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Cloud Service in AppCooker AppCooker Overview

AppCooker In 8 Laguages AppCooker Overview

AppCooker translated in many languages

AppCooker has been internationally recognised and thus fully translated into Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Korean and Spanish due to its success.

App ideas come to life with AppCooker.

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AppTaster the free prototype player

AppTaster revolutionizes the way you get feedback on your App projects. Standing on the power of AppCooker, your projects come to life in the hands of your clients, colleagues and friends, as though they were using a genuine app. By getting close to reality, AppTaster helps you to improve and refine your app project before the production starts. Save time, save money, use AppTaster.

Get feedback before coding

Create a clickable file for AppTaster and send it to clients and coworkers. What you do in AppCooker is what they see on AppTaster.

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Test your App before coding with AppTaster AppCooker Overview

Try AppTaster for free

Here are some AppTaster files made with AppCooker. To test them, download AppTaster on the AppStore (it’s free) then come back here with your iPad or iPhone and download the projects from a browser. It’s simple and free!

iOS7 Clock Icon AppCooker Overview

iOS 7 Clock App

Entirely made with iOS UI Elements and vector shapes, this mockup is playable on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.
1.7 Mo

Angry Birds Icon AppCooker Overview

Angry Birds Menu

Made with images imported through Dropbox + links applied to them. This mockup is only playable on iPad.
19.4 Mo

Instagram iOS7 AppCooker Overview

Instagram Photo Flow

This mockup shows the advanced level of polishing you can get with AppCooker. Playable on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.
7.2 Mo

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